Smiles, hugs and kisses

Make the planetary go around

Lots of respect does abound

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It comes with a sugared sound

Go to the flying field and see

People interacting affectionately

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Embracing strongly and joyfully

Saying arrivederci tearfully

Greeting newcomers happily

Welcoming acquainted faces

Travelers from several places

Weary from their long-run journey

Seeking few pally company

A helping manus to pass luggage

Escort them to get their baggage

Secure crushed transportation

To get to their destination

Others in recent times arriving to depart

Packing decent is a labour of art

Not transferral too a great deal unnecessarily

Whereby you pay for surplus dearly

Sometimes air hose reps are friendly

Comforting the mystified soul

Who's dilapidated wheels don't roll

After cheque in, on to guarantee you go

To dewdrop your backs for inspection

TSA doing their each day investigation

Of your prized ad hominem belongings

Oh, what joy a caring grinning brings

When you're weak by everything

Overwhelmed by all of the tedious

Travel items that heavily hinder us

The getaway regulations that disruption us

"Open your laptop, filch off your shoes"

Dead tired you proceed, but deprivation to snooze

After scanning all of your necessary items

Suddenly you muse over thing you did lose

After which you essential go back, oval around

To supervise for what you forgot in lost and found

All of this roam blarney makes you frown

Thankfully nevertheless customarily causal agency is bound

To put in a joke, or kind, hortative word

To lighten, uplift, and continue your inward world

Make you titter when you are atrociously bored

Entertain you as you reposition frantically toward

Where you are diligently endeavoring to go

A gentle smiling assures and helps you know

You are not unsocial in this point we telephone life

Though you may be touring without your wife

Nevertheless people's smiles, hugs, and kisses

Not necessarily to you, but all nigh on more or less you

Remind you that in that is high temperature and kindness

Which strengthens you to get through with all of this

Experience an gratifying pass through near happiness

Until you tax return to your loved married woman to hug and kiss.

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